Mercedes-Benz MAGIC BODY CONTROL innovation digital demonstration and presentation

What is Mercedes-Benz MAGIC BODY CONTROL® and How Does it Work?

Mercedes-Benz MAGIC BODY, SKY, and VISION CONTROL Explained

What is MAGIC BODY CONTROL®? Well, simply put, MAGIC BODY CONTROL® is a Mercedes-Benz active suspension system that adjusts to elevation changes while driving. That way, it is can adjust how the vehicle body, and therefore cabin within, reacts to bumps in the road or changes of terrain. However, since its introduction, Mercedes-Benz has expanded the MAGIC line of technology into two other Mercedes-Benz feature inclusions. Now, Mercedes-Benz offers MAGIC BODY CONTROL®, MAGIC SKY CONTROL®, and MAGIC VISION CONTROL®. What do all of these pieces of Mercedes-Benz tech achieve, and how do they work?


A supreme suspension system that has stood the test of time, MAGIC BODY CONTROL® continues to improve. Using ROAD SURFACE SCAN®, MAGIC BODY CONTROL® detects changes to the road and/or terrain and adjusts its active suspension accordingly. This helps your Mercedes-Benz model to always maintain an even balance, and, most importantly, a comfortable feel on the road. As mentioned by one of the project leads, it’s as if you are on a flying carpet!


Mercedes-Benz exterior panorama roof magic sky control

MAGIC SKY CONTROL®, obviously, due to its name, concerns the roof of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Taking and evolving the Panorama roof, MAGIC SKY CONTROL® is designed to prevent heat and radiation from entering your car by blocking thermal energy and UV and infrared ray absorption. This is achieved through the simple generation of an electric current running through the glass panels of the Mercedes-Benz panorama roof.


Mercedes-Benz windshield wipers spray of magic vision control

Meanwhile, as its name suggests, MAGIC VISION CONTROL® concerns your sight while driving. This adjustment is to improve the wiper blades function on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Instead of spraying up water onto your windshield and then having wipers clear it, MAGIC VISION CONTROL® has a different approach. Laser-cut holes shoot out a precise spray of water along the edge of the wipers, causing them to spray and clean in sync along with the movement instead of obscuring your vision with splashes of water. Heated wiper blades of MAGIC VISION CONTROL® makes the feature even more effective during the wintertime of ice and snow!

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These exclusive features aren’t offered in every single Mercedes-Benz model and trim level. However, here at Silver Star Motors, we’re happy to show you which Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with each feature. If curious about any of these models or wishing to learn more about Mercedes-Benz technology and features, those interested can contact our staff or even schedule a test drive online! Find out which Mercedes-Benz tech feature you need for your next ride!