Silver Star Motors Recall Department

When you get a recall on your Mercedes-Benz, there’s a good chance that it needs to be taken care of quickly.


Local Certified Mercedes-Benz Recall Services in Long Island City, NY

Recalls can vary in severity, but they’re always something that Mercedes-Benz recommends you get taken care of soon, and so it’s best to bring your car into your local Mercedes-Benz recall department. That local recall department is our recall department at Silver Star Motors, and we’re here to help you with all of your recall needs, free of charge.

Why Recalls Get Sent Out

Your car goes through all sorts of quality tests to make sure it can give you the best power and performance possible. However, sometimes something slips through that wasn’t planned for in the quality tests, and that’s usually what gets fixed during a recall. These problems can be small or large, and can sometimes even directly affect your safety, which is why it’s imperative that you get all recalls taken care of as soon as possible. Recalls are Mercedes-Benz’s way of keeping your car up to their highest standards.

Silver Star Motors Recall Department

Recall Department

Knowing if You Have an Open Recall

An open recall is a recall that hasn’t been taken care of yet. Your car might have an open recall on it without you knowing, as sometimes the notification doesn’t get sent to the right address, or it might get lost in the mail. Fortunately, we have a recall checking service on our website, where you can enter your car’s details and find out if there are any recalls that need to be taken care of. We’ll help you get your recalls all sorted out so that your car stays in excellent condition.

OEM Parts for All Recall Services

Often a recall involves replacing parts in your car. One of the reasons you should bring your Mercedes-Benz to us is that we provide recall service for your vehicle with OEM parts, which are the best parts possible for your car to use. OEM parts are Mercedes-Benz-approved, giving you the highest tier of quality for your car to run at its best. We use OEM parts because we want you to have that most excellent quality any time you get anything replaced in your car.

Come and Visit Silver Star Motors for Your Recall Service

Our service center is the premier provider of Mercedes-Benz recall service for Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Astoria, and the surrounding areas. Our comfortable waiting area has flat-screen TVs that you can watch while you wait, or you can tour our parts and gear boutique to find out how your car can be improved by genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories. Set up your appointment online today!


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At Silver Star Motors, we operate a Mercedes-Benz service center that provides local Mercedes-Benz owners with a comprehensive service menu according to certified quality. Our certified technicians gain Mercedes-Benz service expertise from intensive factory training and hands-on experience. Check out the service specials page, download savings, and schedule an appointment at Silver Star Motors in Long Island City, NY.

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