How to Operate Smart Key Features in the Mercedes-Benz?

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Mercedes-Benz Smart Key and KEYLESS GO® Features Overview

Are you planning to buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz and want to know more about its features? Join Silver Star Motors in Long Island City, NY, as we cover the vehicle’s Smart Key and Keyless-go feature. Watch the below video to get more details:

A Smart Key That Does More Than Meets the Eye

Your Mercedes-Benz is a luxurious and high-end vehicle, so it’s no surprise that it has some high-end features. The Mercedes-Benz SmartKey is one of those features, and it even has a few tricks up its sleeve. Stop by Silver Star Motors, and we’ll show you.

Choose Your Settings

Do you want to unlock all the doors when you press the unlock button or just the driver’s door? Your Mercedes Benz offers both, and you can easily change this setting right from the SmartKey fob. If you press and hold the lock and unlock buttons at the same time for about seven seconds, when you see the red blinking light, you’ll know it switched to the other option. Want to change it back? Press and hold them again.

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It Can Roll Down the Windows

It can get warm in New York in the summer. If you want to let some air into your vehicle before getting in, you can do it from inside the house or your office if the SmartKey is within the right distance from your Mercedes Benz. Just hold down the unlock button. The lights will flash, and then the front and rear windows will roll down. If your model is equipped with a sunroof or you have a convertible, you can open these too. Just keep pressing the unlock button to open them up. Want to see how this works up close? Stop by Silver Star Motors for a demonstration.

You Don’t Even Need to Touch the Key

As long as you have the key within a certain range of your Mercedes Benz vehicle, you can unlock it by placing your hand on the inside of the door handle. Just make sure you don’t touch both sides. Since it has sensors on both sides, it might get confused. Want to lock it before walking away? It is simple. Just touch the outside of the door handle, and it will lock. You’ll know it responded when you see light on the side mirror blink and then it will fold in toward the vehicle. If you realize there are windows down after you get out, just place your finger on the indent on the outside of the door handle, and the windows will go up. It will also lock the doors.
Opening your trunk is as easy as waving your foot under the rear sensor with the SmartKey in your pocket or bag.

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Silver Star Motors Has Your Mercedes Benz Answers

You can’t beat the convenience of the SmartKey. It works whether you’re holding it in your hand or just have it with you. It’s even smart enough to turn itself off if it doesn’t sense movement to help make the battery last longer, but once you grab it, the key will sense the movement and turn itself back on. Come to Silver Star Motors to speak with a member of our sales. staff. They can answer any questions you have about the Mercedes Benz SmartKey and get you out on the road for a test drive.

Contact us at Silver Star Motors in Long Island City, NY, if you have questions. Interested individuals can view our inventory and stop by our dealership for a test drive. We would love to hear from you soon!

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