How to Test Drive a Car

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Tips to Test Drive a Car Properly

The decision to purchase a car is enormous. It is a tedious process. What makes it more challenging is the number of unique options we have today. If you explore the inventory of any dealership, you will be amazed by the collection of cars. Each one is better than the other. You might feel like a kid in a candy store. You will get the urge to bring home all the cars. Alas! Reality hits you. To make an informed decision, you must test drive a vehicle properly. You will not be able to get an accurate picture only by going through the images, ratings, or reviews. Only when you sit on the car and take it out for a spin will you understand if this car is the correct pick for you. Keep reading this blog by the Silver Star Motors dealership in Long Island City, NY, to learn more about how to test drive a vehicle properly.

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Test Drive a Car Like a Pro

First and foremost, do some prior research. Go through various websites and analysis about the cars that interest you. Go through the reviews and ratings, and shortlist a minimum of three cars. If possible, do the test drives of all the shortlisted vehicles back-to-back so that the impressions are fresh in your mind. Also, do not directly show up in the showroom. Making an appointment before will minimize your waiting time at the dealership.

Before the drive, write pointers regarding the color and measurements of the vehicle. Make sure you see the color both during daytime and night. The color might look different depending on the time of the day. Also, keep into consideration the measurements of the new car. It should align with the size of your garage.

During the drive, ask questions about the engine, acceleration, entry & exit, seating positions, cargo space, performance, etc. Do not ignore the technology features. In today’s day and age, technology can be a significant determining factor in choosing a car.

Once you come back from the showroom, make a pros and cons list. Go through the pointers again. It will help you make the correct choice based on your preferences and likes.

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